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Wire EDM
SW Series


Maxsee’s Wire EDM is your best choice for
production machining. The machine’s accuracy
and stability is guaranteed. The machine’s
structure is well design with fine casting. The
control has been advanced and incorporates with
updated technology.


SW Series Model

Symmetrical structure achieves rigidity&stability with FC35 fine grained cast iron and thermal balance feature. Capable of loading heavier work piece. Stainless work table in square shape design, easy of use and able to load work piece in any place. Exclusive dual trace system by optical scales and encoder. 1 micron resolution linear scales, reaching high accuracy and closed loop. Intense labor scraping on casting surface maintains machine’s accuracy and life time endurance.

Wire Threading
Threading in submerge and flush without emptying work tank’s water, save time and cost. Effective corner aid control, cut at exact angle with compensation. The sharp wire tip can easily go through a very small guide clearance. Automatic annealing process makes the wire straight and sharp. Unique threading with water jet and the best solution for thick material up to 350mm. Auto wire threading on break point without going back to origin. Creating high productivity and efficiency.

CNC Control
User friendly interface with Window base operating system with 6 axes CNC controlled with 5 axis work simultaneously. 15” full color touch panel. Simply zoom, rotate and move the graphics by finger tips. Multiple outputs via USB, RS-232, Ethernet, Floppy and keyboard. Comprehensive functions on operating system, NC program, correct molds, editing and instant aid.

4 Corner aid control
4 Inches and metrics convertible
4 2D/3D graphic display
4 Limit protection
4 Instant alarm system
4 Short circuit back up
4 Absolute/incremental modes
4 Linear and circular interpolation (XY-UV)
4 G/M code
4 Real time monitoring system(Optional)
4 Fine finish circuit(Optional)


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