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High Speed Mill
MH Series

Maxsee’s high speed machining center
provides speed, power and accuracy
machining in graphite and hardened steels.


MH Series Model

Feature Description (MH)
Optimal frame design with fine grade meehanite casting for maximum durability and rigidity. Double column structure ensures stability in high speed machining and minimizes vibration. Independent rails mount on the machine base. Support the travel and guarantee high precision motion. C1 class ball screw and direct driven motor minimize gapping, enable rapid moving and enhance durability. 3 blocks for Z axis design allows steady torque.

High speed spindle over 20000 RPM with liquid cooled core that control temperature and maintain thermal stability. Selected taper system that provides longer tool life and better surface finishes.

Total protection design for GRAPHITE machining, not only protect USER’s safety, but also keep environment clean. For the main components such as ball screw, guide way are fully protected by advanced technology.

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