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Ram type- CNC P series

Maxsee has been continual advancing EDM
since 1985. Maxsee’s EDM experience and
full range of selections provide all your need for
EDM machining.


Ram type- CNC P series Model

Ram Type-CNC P Series
C frame design with table fixed and moving saddle, ram and column, the combination make the structure in precision and reach high capability. The fine grain casting assures the quality and able to load heavy parts without affecting accuracy. The table surface is heat treated for high rigidity and longer wear resistance. Precision ground ballscrews coupled with servo motor provide smooth movement and precise repeatability. 1 micron linear scale feedback on X, Y and Z axes for better performance.

Main features
4 PC based control with user friendly feature
4 Conversational control language, easy to learn and operate
4 Automatic edge detection and centering
4 All new power supply system, more convenient features and anti arc protection which will
   automatically adjust T-off and eliminate residue immediately.
4 Machining in large surface and deep slot, computer provides 2 servo steps for superior
   machining quality
4 From rough finish to fine finish is all running by smart control automatically. Save labor cost and
4 High speed machining in copper, graphite and tungsten steel


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